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Champagne Rosé Soap

Champagne Rosé Soap

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Our Champagne Rosé soap is crafted with local wine from one of our many New Jersey wineries.  It's an exquisite creation that will bring a touch of luxury to your skincare routine.  Carefully handmade, this soap incorporates the essence of champagne through its rich and effervescent qualities.  The soap making process involves blending champagne into the soap mixture, infusing it with the celebratory spirit of this sparkling beverage.  Additionally, the soap contains nourishing oils and butters to cleanse and moisturize, leaving your skin feeling indulged and pampered.  The aroma of this soap captures the delicate and crisp notes of champagne, offering a sensory experience reminiscent of a luxury celebration.  This artisanal soap speaks to the creativity of incorporating local and unique elements into your skincare routine, creating a truly special bathing experience.

Ingredients: Palm oil (RSPO), Olive oil, Coconut oil, Castor oil, local rosé wine, mica, fragrance oil.

5 ounces

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